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After having three boys, Kristin Reynolds needed to find herself again. That’s when two friends asked her to join their RISE Challenge team in January 2021.

The timing was right, and since conquering her first Challenge, Kristin hasn't turned back. She loves to continue to Challenge herself with the variety of classes offered at RISE and finds happiness as a part of its community. “The Rise community brings me so much joy,” she says. “I hear it all the time in class and it's true - setting aside 60 minutes for myself each morning really helps me to be the best version of myself for work and my family.”

Kristin stays motivated to keep coming to class each day, recognizing the mental health benefits more than anything. “I love having a clear mind after class and feeling like I'm ready to take on all the day has to throw at me,” she says.

Kristin, we couldn’t be happier that you found us! We see your consistency and your hard work, and we promise to keep cheering you on. Congratulations on being named the April 2023 RISER of the Month!

Read on to find out more about Kristin’s goals!

What are your short and long-term workout goals?

I'm working on getting stronger and have been trying to push myself with heavier weights and strength training. I have found myself making some progress (thank you, Allison!) Long term I am looking forward to getting back outside with RISE and getting into running shape again.

What specifically, other than format or schedule, do you like about Rise?

I love the community aspect. You make friends with your Rise regulars and find yourself really rooting for and cheering on those around you. The events are fun too! I just took my kids to the St. Paddy’s Day party and they had the best time.

What Rise class gets you feeling the most mentally and physically amped?

Each class brings something different for me that gets me physically amped, but if I'm honest I Iove a good endorphin rush. SEK, kettlebell and bootcamp are my favs.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting to class, and how do you combat that challenge?

I have never been a morning person but RISE has helped me find a place in my heart for mornings and starting the day off right. It's so easy to roll over and snooze but I try my best to remind myself of that precious me time and to grab it while I can! There won't be much time for it the rest of the day.

What’s your athletic background?

I ran distance track and cross country in high school and played volleyball as well. I used to be pretty athletic but definitely lost that into my 30's.

What’s your best healthy living tip?

I'm all about balance and finding what makes you feel your best. I really try to live by the Challenge guidelines day-to-day: eating 6 servings of veggies, fasting for 12 hours, drinking 64+ oz of water, eating clean protein everyday, etc.


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