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Riseolution 2024 Challenge

Riseolution 2024 Challenge - a comprehensive 8 week program with fitness & nutritional components: 
◦ 8 weeks starting Sunday January 14
◦ Tracking & community connection to support you on your journey 
◦ Teams of 4 (we can match you up if you need a team!) 
◦ 10 points per day - nutrition & fitness elements that you aim to hit almost every day (personal protein count, eating veggies, moving your body, skipping alcohol 5 days a week, cutting the CRAP) 
◦ Rise curated collection of recipes in a beautiful book 
◦ Everyone gets a fun Challenge tank 
◦ Celebrate the wins at the end with prizes & recognition 
◦ Educational opportunities with experts at our meetings & fun events along the way to keep us motivated! One each week - try to come to as many as you can!
◦ This 8 week wellness journey is built on the foundation that how you choose to fuel your body & how you choose to move your body matters! The support of a community is the secret to success:)



  • $199 for Challenge only

  • $69 for Spouse add-on

  • $349 Challenge + 10 pack of classes

  • $25 for a 2024 Challenge Cookbook

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